Engagement for Equity Program

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Engagement for Equity Program – improves the integration of vulnerable and marginalized groups and strengthens civil society’s role in raising critical democracy and governance issues. This program started in February 2015 and supports local civil society organizations to:

  • Conduct complex advocacy and awareness campaigns in cooperation with stakeholders from diverse segments of society and government;
  • Engage in drafting policy recommendations on democracy, governance, and economic empowerment issues;
  • Monitor and track the implementation of targeted initiatives, legislation, and reforms.



  • Mitrovica 18%
  • Peja 11% Pristina 24%
  • Ferizaj 13%
  • Gjakova 11%
  • Gjilan 13%
  • Prizreni 10%

Key Secondary Legislation Adopted:

  • Administrative Instruction that regulates the rights, procedures and obligations of voluntary work in Kosovo
  • Strategy of Women Entrepreneurs 2017-2022 in municipality of Drenas, Rahovec and Kamenica
  • Extension of Administrative Instruction that enables the free Registration of Joint Property on behalf of both spouses
  • Action Plan for preventing violent extremism in two municipalities
  • Seat gained on the National Council for Economic Development to represent women’s economic empowerment
  • National Action Plan (November 2016 – November 2018) for LGBTI Rights
  • Action Plan for People with Disability in municipality of Prishtina 
  • Medical Social Commission Regulation that improved the criteria for status and benefits of the blind
  • Administrative Instructions that regulates gender equality in three municipalities
  • Concept document for Comprehensive Law for persons with disabilities 
  • Action Plan for preventing violent extremism in two municipalities


  • 120 policy recommendations adopted by policy makers on women in governance and the economy, women’s property rights, and rights for PwD, youth, and vulnerable populations’ rights.
  • 21 changes made as a result of advocacy or monitoring activities of targeted legislation.
  • The capacities of 63 organizations built to effectively advocate for marginalized communities by developing their technical and organizational abilities.
  • 13 pieces of secondary legislation adopted at municipal and central levels.
  • Over 1.5 million people engaged in civic education mainly through the media regarding women’s property rights, women in governance and economy, prevention of violent extremism, LGBT, and PwD Rights.
  • 8,000 youth engaged from communities at high risk from violent extremism through strategic communication and media, working groups, discussions, and theatre performance.
  • 40 research papers published on women and governance, women’s property rights, LGBTI rights, and PwD.
  • Over 60 success stories published to portray role models of vulnerable and marginalized groups that impact behavior change in the society.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 6:30am