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Public Pulse
Public Pulse Launch event
Nazmije Bajrami, USAID

The three-year Public Pulse IV project is a continuation of the Public Pulse initially launched in 2010 in partnership with UNDP.  This project will continue to provide Kosovo stakeholders with timely data on political and social indicators, indicating current trends and providing guidance for future actions.


Public Pulse Reports

The Public Pulse Report measures citizens' perception on institutional stability, democratization, economic stability, security, social cohesion, environment, and other issues.  Public Pulse data will serve as a tool to initiate dialogue between Kosovo institutions and citizens, as well as civil society, and will further contribute to institutional responsiveness and accountability.  The Public Pulse reports are prepared based on survey data from a biannual opinion poll. 

Public Pulse Analysis

The project will prepare research products in cooperation with selected local experts and will utilize findings from targeted surveys, opinion poll data, in-depth interviews from focus groups, and materials from third-party sources.  In-depth research of a pertinent issue relevant to the period when the research is conducted forms the basis of the Analysis.  The main criteria for the selection of the topic for the Public Pulse Analysis will be public debates and the most pressing issues faced by Kosovo's society and institutions at that particular point in time.

Data-collection for development and enhanced use of data

This project will ensure local ownership of the datasets gathered over the years through the Public Pulse surveys and enhance the utilization of the Public Pulse data by institutions, international organizations, civil society, and individual researchers. 

Public Pulse Data Visualization Platform

The Public Pulse opinion polls will feed the Data Visualization Platform with new data.  The platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows all interested parties to make use of the data gathered in Public Pulse surveys. 


  • Continuous institutional trends analysis;
  • Increased interest and responsiveness of governmental and public institutions in addressing public perception;
  • Six Public Pulse Reports;
  • Public Pulse Data Visualization Platform; and 
  • Three Public Pulse Analyses.


Project Duration:    June  2020 – June 2023

Partner:                       United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 

Contact:                      Arbër Gorani