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South Asia Regional Energy Hub (SAREH)

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South Asia Regional Energy Hub (SAREH)

Powering the future to build a healthy and prosperous South Asia.


In 2018, the United States Government (USG) launched the Asia Enhancing Development and Growth through Energy (Asia EDGE) initiative to support the growth of sustainable and secure energy markets in the Indo-Pacific region. To support the implementation of Asia EDGE in South Asia, USAID/India established the South Asia Regional Energy Hub (SAREH).

USAID/India coordinates and communicates all Asia EDGE activities within South Asia through the SAREH platform. The United States Energy Association (USEA) is SAREH’s implementing partner.


SAREH’S overarching objective is to support USAID to achieve enhanced development and growth throughout the energy sector, specifically focusing on

  • Strengthening the energy security of South Asia partner countries
  • Creating open, efficient, rule-based and transparent energy markets
  • Improving free, fair, and reciprocal energy relations
  • Expanding access to affordable and reliable energy


SAREH aids Asia EDGE interventions in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, and facilitates coordination and collaboration between them, while creating new avenues for private sector participation.


The three interventions for the South Asia Regional Energy Hub are coordination, communication, and technical support.               


SAREH engages stakeholders across the South Asia region to coordinate activities with USAID bilateral and regional programs. In addition to working with a variety of U.S. Government agencies that are part of Asia EDGE, SAREH also works with private sector entities, national governments, international donors, financial institutions, as well as civil society organizations. The Hub further supports regional forums, and networks (such as the Distribution Utilities Network and proposed Regional Parliamentarian Forum) to enhance energy cooperation and act as a common knowledge repository for all Asia EDGE activities in South Asia.


One of SAREH’s primary objectives is telling the USAID South Asia energy portfolio’s story by creating a regional unified voice. This common, multimedia platform will share emerging developments, success stories, lessons learned from ongoing bilateral and regional activities, and unique initiatives originating from the Hub.

Technical Support

SAREH assists USAID Missions, host country stakeholders, and private sector in capacity-building, advisory support, and short-term technical assistance. The advisory services include technology, market, and policy assessments in addition to guidance on project transactions under Asia EDGE.