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Activity Name  Implementing Partner (IP) IP Chief Address
Africa Lead II Feed The Future: Policy and Capacity Building Development Alternative Inc (DAI

David Tardiff, Carla Denizard, COP West Africa Regional Manager, Carla_Denizard@dai.com

Tel: (+233)244 954 784.

Feed the Future Guinea Agricultural Services: Strengthening Agricultural Value Chains and Youth Project (SAVY)

Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA)

Djmasbe Ngaradoum, COP, dngaradoum@cnfaguinee.org

Tel: 625 053 742.

Feed the Future (GAS) Strengthening Market-Led Agricultural Research, Technology/Education (SMARTE)

Winrock International

Andrew Kovarick, Chief of Party,  AKovarik@winrock.org

 Tel: 624 248 577.

Guinea Rural Agro-Dealer Network Development (GRAND) ACDI/VOCA

Ibrahima Camara, Chief of Party, icamara310@gmail.com,

Tel: 657 225 857

HorticultreTraining/ Service Center UC Davis

Gabriel Wyland, COP

Tel: 625 25 89 94

Improved Livelihoods/ AgricultureDevelopment Program (ILADP) OICI

Leon Sakho, COP, lsakho@oici.org,

Tel: 625 28 44 44

Solid Waste Management in Conakry Catholic Organisation for Human Promotion (OCPH)

Dr Fode Konate, Project Manager, efodekonate@gmail.com,

Tel: 628634228



Activity Name  Implementing Partner (IP) IP Chief Address
Consortium for Elections and Political Processes Strengthening (CEPPS) National Democratic Institute (NDI

Paul AMEGAKPO, Country Director, pamegakpo@ndi.org,

Tel: 620 989 009

Cultural Cohesion for Peace/Prosperity in Guinea Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Jean Marie Bihizi, Country Director, jeanmarie.bihizi@crs.org,

Tel: 622 024 968

Health Governance and Civic Engagement SCS-Citizen Involvement in Health Governance

FHI 360

Laurence Uwera, COP, luwera2003@yahoo.fr,

Tel: 621 103 107.



Activity Name  Implementing Partner (IP) IP Chief Address
Health Service Delivery (HSD) JhPiego Corporation

Professeur Yolande Hyjazi, hyjazi@jhpiego.org,

Tel: 657548013

Promoting the Quality of Medicines (PQM/USP)

United States Pharmacopeia Convention, Inc.

Latifa El-Hadri, Backstop,LWE@usp.org,

Tel: (+1) 301 792 2613

HRH2030: Human Resources for Health in 2030/Capacity Building for Malaria Management Science for Health (MSH)

Christelly Flore BADILA TCHITEMBO, Deputy Country Director,


 Tel: 625 25 90 02

APC Ebola Transmission Prevention and Survivor Services John Snow Inc (JSI) / Advancing Partners and Communities

Meba Kagone, Country Director, meba_kagone@jsi.com

RIT/StopPalu+ StopPalu+

Dr Aissata Fofana


USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program - Procurment and Supply Management Chemonics

Bahati Claude, Chief of Party, cbahati@ghsc-psm.org,

Tel: 620 10 85 00.

Ebola Pillar II Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Contract

"International Business Technical Consultants, Inc. (IBTCI)"

Annette Bongiovanni, COP, abongiovanni@ibtci.com



Activity Name  Implementing Partner (IP) IP Chief Address
Emergency Pandemic Threat (EPT) FAO

Dr. Racine N`Diaye, Chief of Party, Racine.Ndiaye@fao.org,

Tel: 628 680 244

Preparedness and Response (P&R) Development Alternative Inc (DAI

Dr. Pepe Bilivogui  ppbilivogui@yahoo.fr

Tel; 224 623543926

PREDICT-2 Meta Biota

Dr. Alpha Camara, Country Director, acamara@metabiota.com,

Tel: 628405542.