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A mother breastfeeding her new baby at the Mamou Regional Hospital.
USAID supports improved reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health in Guinea.
Ousmane Condé, USAID Guinea


Global Health

Health resources represent more than 80 percent of USAID development assistance in Guinea. These resources improve the performance of the health system leading to better utilization of health services by Guinean citizens.  Interventions target women, children under five years old, and girls, with the objective to reduce maternal, newborn and child morbidity and mortality in alignment with host government strategic objectives and goals. In close partnership with government institutions, NGOs, and civil society, USAID supports service delivery in health facilities and the surrounding communities in the regions of Boké, Conakry, Faranah, Kankan, Kindia, Labé, and Mamou benefiting approximately 80 percent of Guinean population. Guinea is a President’s Malaria Initiative country as well as a focus country for the Global Health Security Agenda.

Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

USAID promotes good governance and respect for human rights in Guinea. It also provides support to help inform citizens about the health system in Guinea and supports their participation in the related reform processes led by the Guinean government. USAID focuses on strengthening the electoral process and encouraging greater voter participation, particularly among youth and women.   Further, USAID aims to build the capacity of the National Assembly for more transparent governance, particularly the health commission. Mitigation of conflict remains a priority;, USAID is promoting a culture of peace to achieve greater prosperity and development in Guinea.

Economic Growth

USAID acts as a catalyst and facilitator to support economic growth, in order to attain equitable and sustainable prosperity in Guinea. In the agricultural sector, productivity is limited by weak linkages between farmers and markets. This situation is worsened by lack of investment in and access to new agricultural technologies and best practices, which would allow farmers to produce higher-value products and sell in more lucrative markets. USAID interventions focus on promoting inclusive agriculture sector growth, enhancing farmer productivity, and enabling a favorable agribusiness environment.  The flagship approach is the (Apprentissage en Vulgarisation Entrepreneurial et Innovation Rural) AVENIR program, whereby USAID accompanies young entrepreneurs as they design and implement innovative ideas that can improve income, agricultural productivity, and nutrition for smallholder farmers. Energy remains a critical priority for sustaining economic growth, and through Power Africa, USAID is strengthening power generation, transmission and distribution in West Africa, including Guinea.