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Creating An Enabling Environment For Adolescent Girls

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Girls from Upper Egypt sell hand-made projects at a youth conference.
Girls from Upper Egypt sell hand-made goods at a youth conference.
USAID/Julie Fossler

In partnership with the Government of Egypt, USAID is empowering girls and young women in Upper Egypt by equipping them with key social and economic skills to eliminate violence against girls and young women, including Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting (FGM/C) and early marriage. By focusing on services, systems, and community, the activity aims to empower girls and their families to end violence against girls with the support of Egypt’s legal system and protection services. Through community awareness, this activity engages parents and leaders in discussions on the protection and empowerment of girls and it aims to change perceptions of the roles that girls play in their families, society, and the economy.

Working with governmental partners, the activity is strengthening Egypt’s policy and legal frameworks to provide codified protection and services to survivors and girls at-risk of FGM/C. The activity also partners with civil society and local governments in Assiut, Aswan, Qena, and Sohag to improve and expand child protection services. Additionally, in response to the COVID 19 outbreak the activity is conducting household-level monitoring of the socioeconomic impacts of the outbreak on household livelihoods, access to public health and education services, and protection issues for women and girls.  

Implementing Partner: UNICEF; Life of Project: December 2017 – December 2021; Total Estimated Cost: $4.4 million; Governorates: Assiut, Aswan, Qena, Sohag


  • Engage youth, parents, and leaders in discussions on development and safety of girls that aims to change perceptions of the roles girls play in the family, society, and the economy while addressing misconception of female genital mutilation and cutting  
  • Provide training to adolescents and youth on economic and key life skills that promote the participation of women and girls in the economy and promote the awareness on the importance of gender inclusion in the economy
  • Build girls’ confidence, self-esteem, and self-reliance through sports by focusing on communication, negotiation, and team-building techniques 
  • Support the Government of Egypt in strengthening policy and legal frameworks related to ending female genital mutilation and cutting; solidifying legal knowledge and skills of judges, social workers, and prosecutors to investigate and convict perpetrators; and increasing the ability of Egypt’s child protection mechanisms to prevent and respond to such cases
  • Conduct data collection and analysis of the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 on household livelihoods and its secondary impacts on women and children


  • Provided skills development and career guidance services that benefited 6,777 young people from Assiut, Aswan, Qena, and Sohag governorates 
  • Provided training and internship opportunities for 32 young people from Assiut, Qena, and Sohag governorates at the Hilton branch in Sharm El Sheikh
  • Trained 193 family court judges and social workers on child protection and the risks of female genital mutilation and cutting