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USAID seeks to tap the creativity, energy, and innovative ideas of individuals and organizations around the world to discover new ways to tackle global challenges. We generally partner with organizations through competitively awarded acquisition (contract) or assistance (grant) agreements, depending on the type of work and the purpose of the funding.  A smaller number of projects are funded through unsolicited applications, which we review on a case by case basis.

The majority of our programs are funded via the direct contracts and grants mechanism which includes a competitive process that is aligned with U.S. Government procurement policies. View our open requests for proposals or applications and guidance for more information. Please note that some requests are specific to U.S. contractors and NGOs.

If you have a unique, innovative idea that you think is in line with our development objectives, we encourage you to submit an unsolicited proposal to us for consideration.  Please see guidance below and at Guide to Submitting Unsolicited Proposals to submit concepts that are not in response to a request for applications or any other government-initiated solicitation or program.

Please note that while we review every submission, funding through unsolicited applications is the exception rather than the rule. Among other relevant criteria, unsolicited proposals submitted to USAID outside of a competitive process can receive funding only if the proposal is considered to be exceptionally innovative and unique and with sound technical merit.  For additional information on unsolicited proposals, please visit the Unsolicited Application page on our website. 


A valid unsolicited application will:

  1. Clearly demonstrate a unique, innovative, or proprietary program;
  2. Represent appropriate use of USAID funds to support or stimulate a public purpose; and
  3. Fit within an existing USAID Development Objective.

Although not required to be addressed in the initial application, successful applicants will be asked to submit additional information relating to the additional criteria below:

  1. Explain the technical merit of the application;
  2. Demonstrate cost effectiveness and cost realism of the application;
  3. Provide brief information on past performance of the applicant; and
  4. Include a Branding Strategy and Marking Plan.

Applications will be evaluated based on all the factors outlined above. After the evaluation, we will send a letter to the submitter within 60 days of receipt of the application to let you know the results.

The USAID/Egypt point of contact for submitting unsolicited proposals is unsolicitedproposals@usaid.gov cc: incoming_requests@usaid.gov.

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