Basic Education

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A group of schoolchildren

USAID’s support of unconditional cash transfers in West Africa allowed families to pay for school and supplies once they became food secure. Furthermore, in Liberia, recovery activities refurbished and resupplied schools, improved water and hygiene facilities, and enhanced the e-payment system for distributing teachers’ salaries.


In addition to the above, USAID funded water, sanitation, and hygiene activities in 120 Liberian schools. Two years after the outbreak ended, XX% of these educational facilities still have functional handwashing stations and improved sanitary facilties

Increased primary school attendance. From 2012 to 2017 rates increased fro Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea
Increased primary school attendance: From 2012 to 2017 primary school net attendance ration rates increased in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea


The multi-layered nature of Pillar II resulted in data collected by theme, project, country, region, and/or implementing partner—and measured in different ways based on the partner’s agreement type. What follows are a handful of individual project outcomes that demonstrate the breadth of activities under Pillar II.

Individual Project Highlights
Country Theme Activity Description Result Detail
Guinea Agriculture & Food Security Food Security 7,008 households received
food vouchers
2x the number targeted
Governance Capacity training in poll
administration, elections
14,714 individuals trained Target was 250
Health Infection prevention and
control training
1,430 service providers
Plus 271 support staff at
249 health facilities
Health Training in newborn
resuscitation methods
2,259 newborns saved Reflects babies not
breathing at birth across
five regions
Health Quality of health service
57% increase in inpatient
Change in one year
Liberia Agriculture & Food Security Food supplements for
severe acute malnutrition
3,349 treated 96% released, cured
Education “School in a Box” teaching
and learning materials
4,460 schools received 517,249 primary school
children received
Education Psychological first aid
training for teachers
10,064 teachers trained For Ebola and genderbased
Governance Cash transfers for road
2,409 workers compensated Completed 300 km
roads in 25 communities,
rehabilitated 187 km
roads in 48 communities
Governance Community radio station
19 stations trained Coverage raised from
43% to 94% population
Health Delivery of infection
readiness and primary
health care
43% more health facilities
100% at end of period,
baseline was 57%
Health Sustainable water, sanitation,
hygiene programs
120 schools received
Sierra Leone Agriculture & Food Security Food security 67,000 households received
cash transfers
364,000 individuals
Education Cash transfers and impact
on education
97% of children Dropout rate in non-cash
transfer households
Education Dropout rate in non-cash
transfer households
90% of children Children in cash transfer
households that returned
to school
Governance Village savings and loan
association revitalization
359 groups revitalized US $29 million in loans
to 65 cluster farms
Health Use of maternal health
26% increase in utilization From 37 to 63 percent