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Rangers in the Masai Mara demonstrate the WILD mobile app.
The WILD mobile app allows rangers in 10 conservancies in Kenya and Tanzania to collect and share data on wildlife sightings, poaching, human wildlife conflict and other activities.
Nadine Sunderland/USAID


East Africa is globally recognized for its rich biodiversity and iconic landscapes.  Managed well these resources spur economic growth and improve livelihoods.  However, factors such as wildlife crime, habitat fragmentation, human wildlife conflicts, urban expansion, and rapid population growth are threatening conservation efforts.  Climate variability has also led to significant economic losses and food insecurity. To learn more of what we are doing, please read our monthly newsletter. You can also sign up for the newsletter here.

Countering wildlife crime

Poaching and wildlife trafficking in East Africa are at critical levels.  In response, we support the East African Community (EAC) to develop regional strategies, and harmonize and adopt  strong policies to enhance transboundary wildlife management, combat wildlife trafficking, and enforce wildlife crimes.

Biodiversity conservation

We work with regional institutions to coordinate the management of water and land resources.  Citizens of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda share the resources of the Lake Victoria and Mara River basins.  These natural resources are of critical importance for sustaining wildlife and human populations.

Climate adaptation

The effects of climate adaptation and periodic weather events (e.g. droughts and floods) are strongly evident in the region.  These conditions are projected to intensify and threaten regional development gains and economic stability.  We support regional organizations to identify common approaches towards assessing vulnerabilities and plan for and respond to future events. 

Overview: East Africa Regional Environment

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