Return and Reintegration in the Northern Triangle Program

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USAID’s contribution of $16.8 million to the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Return and Reintegration in the Northern Triangle Program in the countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras provides services to help returning migrants reintegrate into local communities, and to alert the public on the risks of illegal immigration to the United States.

The program tackles fundamental reintegration needs of returning families and unaccompanied children to break the cycle of migration. 

Activities include psychosocial support, school reintegration for children and humanitarian aid for all returning migrants.  The program also helps strengthen the capacity of institutions and local governments to improve services for returning migrants and provides assistance to upgrade returned migrant facilities.  USAID and IOM also improve the availability, quality and use of information to strengthen reception and reintegration processes to prevent remigration.

In addition to immediate services provided upon return, the program establishes centers in municipalities with high out-migration that offer job training, life skills and other services for returnees.  New community centers, athletic fields and parks are helping to reduce violence and build a sense of community that provides an incentive for returnees to stay.  A communications strategy provides information on reintegration services available for returnees.

The program also conducts public awareness campaigns on the risks of illegal immigration and holds workshops on migration and reintegration, including a migration education module that is being piloted in the public school system.

To understand drivers of illegal immigration, the program supported the Violence against Children Survey in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, which provides information on the prevalence of violence against children and its nexus with migration. 


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Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - 1:45pm