Human Rights Fact Sheet

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Significant human rights violations persist in Mexico. Violations include unlawful killings, torture, 37,000 unresolved disappearances, and high numbers of femicides. The state struggles to address the high levels of violence by organized criminal groups and there has been police and military involvement in serious abuses. Journalists and human rights defenders continue to be targeted, threatened and killed. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the UN, the Inter-American Human Rights System and the country’s National Human Rights Commission have documented and warned of human rights challenges in Mexico. While the Government of Mexico (GOM) has taken positive steps, grave human rights violations continue, along with the impunity for the majority of cases. CSOs recognize a need  for an improved legislative framework at both federal and state levels, effective implementation of public policy, and access to justice.

USAID continues to improve the ability of the GOM to prevent, investigate, and prosecute human rights abuses, while strengthening civil society to hold the GOM accountable in this regard. In addition, assistance is supporting CSOs to engage actively with the GOM and the public on issues related to femicides, victims of torture, and forced disappearances. Technical expertise provided to the GOM’s National Protection Mechanism, the Specialized Attorney General’s Office for Crimes against Journalists (FEADLE) and civil society will improve accountability, effectiveness, and quality of preventative and protective measures enhancing the protection of journalists and human rights defenders. USAID also assists CSOs and networks of journalists and human rights defenders to network, form strategic alliances, and improve their advocacy and oversight of government efforts to improve protection from and prevent gross human rights abuses.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 2:15pm