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Regional Development Cooperation Strategy 2015-2019 for Central America and Mexico.

The Regional Development Cooperation Strategy (RDCS) for Central America and Mexico (CAM) lays the foundation for USAID’s presence in the region, and solidifies the commitment of USAID Missions in Central America and Mexico to close collaboration and enhanced cooperation to strategically target the region’s most pressing development challenges. By increasing communication, through a multi-level approach that includes the Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), and Central America Mission leadership and technical teams, USAID/CAM will serve as a regional convener, facilitating the sharing of ideas, successes, and lessons learned throughout the region. Against this backdrop of greater partnership, USAID/CAM will pursue ways to assist and bolster missions’ efforts and redefine the way in which regional platforms interact with and provide support to missions in Central America as they seek to address the region’s most pressing development challenges.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016 - 7:00pm