USAID Power Central Asia

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Enhancing energy security, regional connectivity, and adoption of clean energy technologies across Central Asia.

Central Asia has abundant renewable energy resources, considerable opportunities for energy efficiency, and a strong desire and foundation for increased regional energy cooperation. USAID Power Central Asia is assisting the five Central Asian countries — Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan — to meet their national and regional priorities in energy security and unlock the economic benefits of regional energy trade. The activity collaborates with national governments and energy stakeholders to address three objectives:

National Market
Liberalization Reforms

Clean Energy

Regional Power Market

USAID Power Central Asia supports the Central Asian countries to update their national energy strategies and develop optimal market design, including legal, institutional, regulatory, and technical frameworks. USAID also works to establish cost reflective tariff methodologies and promote utility modernization and cybersecurity.

USAID Power Central Asia supports efforts by the Central Asian governments to scale up clean and renewable energy in the region by developing strategies and providing assistance to integrate clean energy and energy efficiency into energy planning. USAID promotes private sector investment in clean and renewable energy.

The activity builds on USAID’s long-term support for regional energy cooperation by enabling cross-border electricity trade and open access to generation and transmission networks. USAID Power Central Asia also works to develop a regional electricity market model, harmonizing technical and market frameworks.

Through this activity, USAID is providing technical services to national governments, utilities, and other stakeholders, including international institutions and development organizations, system operators, local and international investors, and energy companies. USAID is enabling national and regional energy market reforms, strengthening the regional electricity market, and promoting greater adoption of clean energy technologies from conventional and renewable sources.

USAID Power Central Asia promotes the cross-cutting goals of boosting training education, and capacity building; increasing private sector investment; utilizing the expertise of local entities; and ensuring gender equality and inclusivity of marginalized groups. USAID is dedicated to supporting local communities and entities by contributing to the creation of a strong cadre of local specialists in the energy field.

Implementation period: October 2020 – September 2025

BUDGET: $39 million


Patrick E. Meyer

Energy Advisor

COR for USAID Power Central Asia

USAID Central Asia Mission

Almaty, Kazakhstan