Central Asia Trade and Enterprise Development

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The U.S. is the largest single-country provider of trade capacity building assistance in the world. This assistance helps developing countries take advantage of the global trading system and harness trade as an engine of growth and development. USAID works with other U.S. government partners to provide trade capacity building and enterprise development assistance to build the physical, human and institutional capacity of these countries to participate in and benefit from rules-based trade.

What We Do


C5+1 is a platform that brings together the five countries of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) and the United States to work on issues of common concern. Under the C5+1 platform, two key projects relate to Trade and Enterprise Development: The C5+1 Central Asia Business Competitiveness project facilitates private sector competitiveness of the region’s horticulture sector, helping Central Asian firms to become more competitive in global markets; and the C5+1 Transport Corridor Development project seeks to increase the competitiveness of Central Asian economies by improving their transport and logistics sectors while reducing the time and cost of trading across borders.


USAID Central Asia partners with governments, the private sector and other donors to improve enabling environments for business, create business-friendly policies and attract investment in order to expand trade. USAID’s efforts seek to streamline the time and cost of moving goods across borders in Central Asia. This includes reducing customs barriers and strengthening phytosanitary administration. 

Many of these measures are key aspects of World Trade Organization (WTO) membership, which USAID supports. Member countries of the WTO determine and agree on a consistent set of transparent rules governing trade among themselves. WTO membership signals the country’s commitment to these rules. USAID Central Asia provides technical assistance to assist countries in the region to join and comply with WTO rules and procedures.


USAID supports the development of competitive enterprises throughout Central Asia so that firms can create jobs and improve incomes. USAID assists targeted firms in meeting international requirements including quantity, quality and safety standards through training, business networking and other support.

USAID Central Asia supports emerging private sector partners to adopt new practices, meet international quality standards and promote their products to new export markets. This work involves providing training on a range of quality standards, arranging buyer missions and supporting exporters to attend international trade fairs.