USAID Launches Key Projects for a Healthier Cambodia

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USAID Launches Key Projects for a Healthier Cambodia
USAID Launches Key Projects for a Healthier Cambodia

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Two new projects from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) will address key healthcare challenges for Cambodians, including maternal and child health, and disease prevention and control.  The projects, Enhancing Quality of Healthcare Activity (EQHA) and Promoting Healthy Behaviors (PHB), which launched April 8, 2019, will work with a broad range of key public and private sector health stakeholders and underscore the U.S. government’s support for improving healthcare in Cambodia, today.

The two projects will work in the areas of maternal, child, and newborn health; family planning; nutrition; water, sanitation, and hygiene; tuberculosis; HIV; and malaria.

“As a long-standing partner to Cambodia’s health sector, today’s launch underlines USAID’s support to the improved health of the Cambodian people,” noted Ms. Veena Reddy, USAID/Cambodia Mission Director. “These projects will work with the Royal Government of Cambodia’s to strengthen the public and private healthcare sectors to provide quality healthcare services to and improve healthy behaviors among all Cambodian people.”

EQHA and PHB – to run through 2023 – will be managed by Family Health International 360 and the Population Services International, respectively.

The launch of this partnership reflects the United States’ commitment to helping Cambodia increasingly rely on its own systems to meet the healthcare needs of its people. USAID and its partners will work with healthcare managers and leaders at national and subnational levels, local and international organizations and the private sector to accomplish the projects’ goals. Designed to respond to the most pressing health needs of the Cambodian people, they will support the strategic priorities of the Ministry of Health’s Health Strategic Plan 3.  




For more information:

Dr. Chantha Lao

Enhancing Quality of Healthcare Activity


Phone: 016 937 841


Ms. Yarat Un

Promoting Health Behaviors


Phone: 012 451 911