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Though the last official presence of USAID in Burkina Faso ended in 1995, USAID has remained active in the country through a variety of regional and emergency programs. 

USAID program presence has increased steadily since 2004 when USAID began supporting a number of Title II non-emergency assistance programs that focused on agricultural productivity and maternal and child health.  The program has remained in operation with an annual budget of $15 million and will remain in operation until 2016.

From 2005-2013, USAID managed two successive MCC-financed girls’ education programs valued up to $40m, that focused on building 132 girl-friendly school complexes in rural communities located in the 10 provinces with the lowest girls primary school enrolment rates in the country.

A growing malaria control program began in late 2009, receiving an initial tranche of funding ($6 million). As of 2013, the annual amount of this program had grown to over $9m per year.  

To manage this growing program, in June 2009, USAID hired a Country Program Manager as well as eight other US and Burkinabe staff, and opened a “non-presence” office within the U.S. Embassy in Ouagadougou, reporting to USAID/West Africa in Accra, Ghana.

In May 2013, after approval by the US Congress and USAID, USAID established a limited presence office in Burkina Faso that falls under the authority of the USAID Regional Mission in Dakar, Senegal.