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Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

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A group of youth in Burkina Faso painting a mural in their community
A group of youth in Burkina Faso painting a mural in their community
USAID Burkina Faso

A relatively stable nation in the restive Sahel region, Burkina Faso recently realized the country’s first-ever democratic transition.

After 27 years of uninterrupted, semi-authoritarian rule, former president Blaise Compaore’s departure opened the door to a more competitive electoral process, and peaceful elections were held in November 2015. The new government is making efforts to address inclusive development and transitional justice challenges as well as security threats posed by violent extremist groups operating in the Sahel region.

USAID is supporting projects to build the legislative capacities, oversight and accountability of the National Assembly in the post-electoral period. We are also working with the government, local organizations and communities to amplify moderate voices in areas affected by violent extremism and foster an environment that is conducive to social cohesion and sustainable peace.

USAID supports the country’s vibrant civil society organizations (CSO) to play a fundamental role by advocating on behalf of marginalized populations and promoting active and responsible participation. We work with 30 civil society organizations, including 12 youth-oriented organizations through workshops and small grants to strengthen their capacity to serve as watchdogs and advocates for change.

USAID has trained over 100 members of the independent electoral commission (CENI) at the central, provincial, and municipal levels to deliver a streamlined and effective electoral administration, and to prevent and peacefully manage electoral disputes.

In addition, using a holistic, community-led approach, USAID builds economic opportunities, fosters civic participation and promotes government responsiveness in communities at risk of violent extremist recruitment that are often marginalized from the political process.

USAID Burkina Faso Democracy, Human rights and governance Goals

  • Increased political party responsiveness through platform development and party monitoring
  • Improved civil society organization engagement and conflict resolution
  • Increased legislative capacities, oversight, and accountability of the National Assembly in the post-electoral period