Flowchart: USAID Staff & Implementing Partner Reporting of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

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NOTE: When reporting an allegation of sexual exploitation or abuse, or any other form of misconduct, the person reporting does not have to specify the category into which the conduct falls. When in doubt, report!

Sexual exploitation and abuse occurs when people in power exploit or abuse vulnerable populations for sexual purposes. If an aid worker uses their position of authority to solicit sexual favors in exchange for benefits, this constitutes sexual exploitation. If an aid worker uses force or coercion to engage in sexual acts with a beneficiary, including kissing or groping, this would constitute sexual abuse.

If you witness, experience or learn of sexual exploitation and abuse in the workplace or the field involving staff or beneficiaries

What Happens Next?

  • USAID may direct partners to take specific steps to address an actual or alleged violation, and may impose special conditions or take other remedial actions.
  • Where implementing partner employees are involved, partners must consult with the Mission Director on a course of action, and the Ambassador may direct the removal of a U.S. citizen from the country and require termination of any employee from an award.
  • OIG may also investigate and take action.

NOTE: This flow chart is for informational purposes only. Implementing partners should always look to the terms and conditions of their awards and follow supplementary Agency guidance.