Report Misconduct

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PREVENT. Think before you speak and act. No one should be subjected to threatening, insulting, unwanted or offensive words, or actions.

REPORT. If you experience or learn of workplace misconduct, including abuse of power, bullying, harassment, discrimination, or sexual misconduct, report it through USAID's Misconduct Reporting Portal, which can be accessed through LaunchPad at or by calling (202) 712-1234 and dialing "2" for HR support, then selecting "2" for the Employee/Labor Relations Misconduct Hotline.

RESPECT. Model respect and accountability in USAID's workplace and programs. Uphold USAID's Employee Standards of Conduct and Leadership Philosophy.

If you experience or learn of sexual exploitation or abuse in a USAID program, contact the Office of the Inspector General at or 1-800-230-6539.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 - 2:30pm