Kimberly Rosen

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Kimberly Rosen
Deputy Assistant Administrator

Deputy Assistant Administrator Kimberly Rosen oversees DDI’s Local, Faith and Transformative Partnerships Hub as well as the Innovation, Technology and Research Hub. Prior to DDI, she served as Deputy Assistant Administrator in the Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment, where she oversaw the Offices of Economic Policy; Trade and Regulatory Reform; and Local Sustainability.
Previously, Ms. Rosen served as the Mission Director for USAID/Kyrgyz Republic and led a portfolio that included economic growth, democracy and governance, health and education reform. Prior assignments include the Director of West Africa Affairs Office in USAID’s Africa Bureau, Deputy Mission Director in Liberia, Director of the Economic Growth Office in USAID/Afghanistan.  Throughout her 20 year career, Ms. Rosen has also served in a number of other assignments, both at headquarters and overseas, including the Central Asia Republics Regional Mission and Romania.  She received multiple performance awards from both USAID and the State Department.
Prior to joining USAID, Ms. Rosen worked in corporate finance with the Mobil Oil Corporation and served as a Business Development volunteer in the Russian Federation with the Peace Corps. Ms. Rosen has degrees in Commerce and Engineering Sciences (B.S.) and Finance (M.B.A.) from Drexel University, and International and Public Affairs (M.A.) from Columbia University.