Working With the Office of Local Sustainability

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The Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment’s Office of Local Sustainability (E3/LS) provides funding for locally led development in the following six ways:

  1. Transfer of funds to USAID Missions selected via an annual worldwide Local Works Mission competition.
  2. Awards to eligible entities via the Local Works Unsolicited Proposal and Application process. Proposals and Applications are accepted on a rolling basis year-round. Eligible entities are “small local, international, and United States-based non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and other small entities that have received less than a total of U.S. $5,000,000 (directly as the prime organization) from USAID over the previous five fiscal years. Departments or centers of such educational institutions may be considered individually in determining such eligibility.”
  3. Awards to local, U.S.-based, or international organizations for research and development via Addenda posted to the Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Locally Led Development Innovation.
  4. Awards to local organizations based in countries with a USAID Mission and an annual operating budget composed of no more than 50 percent USAID funding in any of the past three fiscal years, via Addenda posted to the Locally Led Development Annual Program Statement.
  5. Awards to U.S.-based cooperative development organizations to build the capacity of associations and cooperatives in lower- and middle-income countries - through the Cooperative Development Program.
  6. Funding for Peace Corps Posts and Volunteers to support community grassroots development. USAID partners with the Peace Corps to coordinate the Small Project Assistance Program.

Learn more about your eligibility for these opportunities below:


USAID Operating Units Small local, international and U.S.-based NGOs, educational institutions, and other small entities Local organization based in a country with a USAID Mission Local, U.S.-based, or international organizations U.S. Cooperative Development Organizations Peace Corps Posts
Local Works: Annual Competition for USAID Missions X          
Local Works: Unsolicited Proposal and Application Process X X        
Locally Led Development Annual Program Statement (APS) X   X      
Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Locally Led Development Innovation X     X    
Cooperative Development Program         X  
USAID-Peace Corps Small Project Assistance           X

For more information, please contact E3/LS at