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Mr. Trinh Ngoc Cuong works on the Instant Sup-port System (ISS) to manage and respond to queries from National Assembly Deputies

The work of Vietnam’s National Assembly (NA) is most effective when its deputies are well-informed and prepared to participate in active debate. To that end, research staff from the NA library respond to information requests from the assembly’s 500 deputies.

Jessica Nguyen at her workplace.

Jessica Nguyen had gender reassignment surgery, but for years her passport and identification did not reflect this important change in her gender identity. Potential employers would not hire her because they did not know how to classify her, as male or female. Her employment search became an experience in stigma and discrimination.

Awarding safety certificates to employees who managed workers for 500,000 hours with no lost time accidents in February 2015.

Walk by the average Vietnamese construction site and you will probably see some heads without hard hats, people without vests, bare feet or sandals and minimal harnesses or fall protection. As in many developing countries, lower costs are still often prioritized over worker safety on the average local building project.

Online change agents reach individuals on social media to provide HIV information and counselling.

In a quiet corner of bustling downtown Ho Chi Minh City, Thu Nguyen Tan starts his working day by logging in on Facebook. His inbox is filled up with messages from young urban men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women (TGW) seeking advice on a broad range of issues. Some are seeking guidance on safe sex and HIV protection. Others are interested in accessing HIV testing services, and are unsure where to go or are scared of being judged.

HIV testing being provided in a rural Vietnamese home by a lay provider.

/sites/default/files/documents/1861/FS_HealthyMarkets_Sept2016_Eng.pdfLe Minh Thanh is the leader of G-Link, a community-based organization and social enterprise supporting men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women (TGW) in Ho Chi Minh City. Thanh is also one of Vietnam’s first HIV lay testing providers. In this role, he delivers HIV testing services directly to MSM and TG clients using a rapid HIV finger prick, a diagnostic that can be administered easily and quickly.