Fact Sheet: Race to the Top

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Race to the Top is catalyzing the growth of a sustainable apparel and footwear industry in Vietnam.  It convenes relevant stakeholders in the apparel and footwear industry to make businesses with fewer strikes and improved labor-management communication the norm rather than the exception. 

Through Race to the Top, USAID and seven private sector companies support 14 factories that are suppliers to international brands.  The activity provides training opportunities for managers, supervisors, and workers as well as a platform for workers and managers to interact, and for workers to have a greater voice.  Workers are empowered to discuss processes with their supervisors and identify opportunities for better productivity.  Additionally, they are better able to address workplace-related grievances with their supervisors before they escalate into costly strikes. 

EXPECTED RESULTS                                                   

As a result of investing in training workers and managers, factories participating in Race to the Top activities will have higher productivity, experience fewer work stoppages, realize higher adherence to labor standards, and their workers will have greater job satisfaction with fewer unresolved grievances. Seeing the benefits of investing in worker engagement and productivity training, this will catalyze industry-wide changes promoting sustainable business practices within Vietnam.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 3:30am