Fact Sheet: Healthy Markets

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With significant growth in Vietnam’s economy, there is increased willingness to pay for a wide array of health-related goods and services, such as high-quality condoms, needles and syringes, HIV testing, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and anti-retroviral treatment (ART). As the Vietnamese Government works to develop a more sustainable response to the HIV epidemic, innovative approaches are needed to ensure sustained access to HIV-related commodities and services.

Healthy Markets aims to grow a viable market for HIV-related goods and services capable of meeting the needs of populations facing the greatest risks—men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender women (TGW), people who inject drugs, and female sex workers. By segmenting populations based on need and ability to pay, the Vietnamese government is able to prioritize finite public resources for the most vulnerable, while growing the commercial market to provide options for those that are able to pay. Healthy Markets works with the government and other stakeholders to promote enhanced access to HIV prevention, testing, and treatment, in order to achieve the country’s 90-90-95 targets by 2020.


Healthy Markets is introducing HIV lay providers and self-testing in order to make HIV testing more accessible. Trained lay providers use a single rapid HIV diagnostic test to screen at-risk populations, facilitate diagnosis, and link confirmed cases to treatment. HIV self-testing further increases options for those who may be reluctant to get an HIV test. Since December 2015, nearly 144,000 people have been tested, with nearly 7,000 diagnosed with HIV, and 94.4 percent of those diagnosed enrolled in ART. These testing modalities are effective in reaching new and young key populations, who are considered very high risk.


The Ministry of Health (MOH) and Healthy Markets offer oral PrEP to populations at substantial risk of HIV through key-population led private clinics. Between March 2017 and June 2019, more than 3,000 people enrolled in PrEP, with a retention rate of 88.9% percent. As a result, and with additional PEPFAR support, MOH has made a public commitment to scale-up PrEP nationwide, with a target of PrEP services in 11 provinces by 2020.


Healthy Markets facilitates a transition from free or partially subsidized HIV commodities, funded by donors, to a locally sustainable market, by providing technical assistance and fostering partnerships. More than 82 million condoms and almost nine million special syringes have been sold at commercial prices through a network of three commercial distributors, five social enterprises, and over 5,000 non-traditional and traditional outlets, including key-population led civil society organizations.


Healthy Markets shares information and enables discussions about HIV for over 220,000 at-risk MSM through the Xom Cau Vong community Facebook page as well as over 22,000 TGW through the ‘Be Me. Be Sexy’ Facebook page. In addition, partnerships with MTV Vietnam and popular apps like Grinder and Hornet have provided a platform for millions of viewers. A chatbot was developed for the Facebook pages that provides automatic responses 24/7 to common PrEP and HIV testing related queries, expanding reach beyond time and geography.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019 - 9:45pm