Fact Sheet: Enhancing Worker Rights

Speeches Shim

The Enhancing Worker Rights project aims to strengthen workers’ capacity and increase their access to information so that workers can effectively represent their interests and advocate for protection of their rights. The Solidarity Center is implementing this project in partnership with the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (VGCL) in key export-oriented production sectors, including electronics, footwear and leather, garments and textiles, and seafood. The project promotes gender equality and strengthens safety and health standards in industrial zones and workplaces in major cities around Vietnam.


The project educates women trade union leaders and activists to build their capacity to effectively represent women workers and promote gender equality in the workplace. It empowers working women by raising awareness of their rights under Vietnamese law and international labor standards; strengthening their capacity to represent their interests through collective bargaining and other negotiations with employers; and supporting efforts to prevent gender discrimination in the workplace.


The project empowers volunteer workplace safety and health representatives to advocate for safer and healthier workplaces in accordance with new laws and regulations. The project also builds the capacity of workplace safety and health representatives as well as rank-and-file workers by raising awareness of safety and health standards and protections; strengthening regional and grassroots workplace safety and health networks; and supporting efforts to effectively implement stronger safety and health protections in the workplace.


Over the course of four years, the Enhancing Worker Rights project will strengthen the capacity of trade unions to represent workers in export-oriented industries to ensure workers benefit from economic gains associated with increased international trade and investment.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020 - 3:30am