Fact Sheet: Vietnam Local Works for Environmental Health Project

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The Vietnam Local Works for Environmental Health project strengthens partnerships among local organizations to sustainably address environmental health challenges through a learning-by-doing model. The project addresses water-related health issues in Nong Cong and Ha Trung districts of Thanh Hoa province. The best practice models from this project will be scaled-up to other locations.


The project has developed a Water Health network, made up of diverse local health advocates, to address water pollution problems and share best practices. Based on PHAD’s current environmental network model, the Water Health network is open, flexible, expandable, and adaptable to developmental challenges.


The project is strengthening the network members’ capacity to competently respond to water pollution and other environmental health challenges. Key components of the system include: (1) a small grant mechanism to support local responses to water pollution problems in Thanh Hoa province, (2) a Participatory Learning & Action (PLA)-based set of tools for assessment, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and learning processes, and (3) databases of available concerned citizens and a collection of GPS linked water pollution problems in Thanh Hoa.


The project is building the network’s sustainability by strengthening the capacity of its members.  Water pollution issues in Thanh Hoa are addressed by applying a learning-by-doing model for efficient and effective actions, by increasing partnerships and participation, and through legislative, policy, and legal advocacy campaigns.


The project contributes to Vietnam’s efforts to address environmental challenges by creating an evidence-based, structurally-sound, collaborative model to effectively involve local organizations, government authorities, and other relevant actors to respond to water pollution and other environmental health issues.

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Friday, October 11, 2019 - 5:00am