Fact Sheets | Tunisia

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Election monitor with Tunisian voter
December 3, 2018

Through work with Tunisian civil society and media organizations (CSOs), the Domestic Election Monitoring – Tunisia (DEMT) project helps to improve the integrity of Tunisia’s elections and associated procedures. Building on previous USAID assistance during the 2011 Constituent Assembly elections and the 2014 presidential and legislative elections, the project promotes capable citizen oversight of Tunisian elections and helps to lay the groundwork for greater citizen oversight of the performance of newly elected officials.

Tunisian youth
December 3, 2018

The Supporting Youth and Empowering Local Communities (SHAREKNA, “to participate, involve, or engage with us”) project fosters social cohesion and community resilience in disadvantaged communities. It partners with young people and local stakeholders to identify community-level challenges, including drivers of violent extremism, and develop community-driven actions to address them; provides resources to youth and community stakeholders to implement concrete activities to mitigate identified local challenges; and builds the capacity of local civil society organizations to collaborate with youth and community stakeholders so that they can continue to identify and address local challenges.