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Promoting Accountability & Transparency

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USAID promotes democratic institutions that are effective, responsive, sustainable and accountable to the people. USAID activities:

  • provided 5,000 person hours of investigations, financial management and oversight training to Timor-Leste’s key corruption fighting institutions in 2012.  As a result, the country has begun to make notable advances in anticorruption activities.  The Anti-Corruption Commission now has 19 cases under investigation, while the Office of the Prosecutor General has 90 corruption cases currently under investigation and two arrests arising from the new Anti-Money Laundering law and in collaboration with the Central Bank.  The Prosecutor General successfully received convictions in 20 prosecutions, four of which were cases investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission.
  • provided training to parliamentarians, their staff, and the Parliament's research center staff on policy analysis, bill drafting, budgeting and oversight to strengthen legislative and legal reform processes.  Demand for the research center’s services continues to increase, with Members of Parliament frequently utilizing the center for research on Timor-Leste’s petroleum sector, food security, public finances and economic policy.