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It takes many years for USAID to get funding and allocate it in a manner that is cohesive, strategic, and sustainable. At the Mission level, USAID programs the vast majority of its funding through contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements via solicitations for specific services or activities through Requests for Application (RFAs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Potential partners may also submit unsolicited proposals that do not relate to a USAID RFP or RFA. Unsolicited proposals should attempt to correspond to the USAID focus areas in a particular country or region.

USAID reviews all unsolicited proposals received. However, only those that contribute unique approaches and capacities consistent with the Agency’s objectives qualify for consideration for funding. Most USAID funds are fully committed to our current program. Only in exceptional cases are unsolicited proposals funded.

In Sri Lanka, USAID’s current programs focus on two areas important to the country’s long-term, equitable growth: 1) a strengthened partnership between the state and its citizens and 2) equitable economic growth, especially in former conflict areas.

For further information related to proposal requirements please view the following website for contracts (http://www.usaid.gov/ads/policy/300/302map) or grants (http://www.usaid.gov/ads/policy/300/30354s1).

Should you wish to submit a proposal outside of the procedures described above, please email infosl@usaid.gov or submit concept papers to the following address: USAID/Sri Lanka, Attn: Office of Program and Policy Support, 44, Galle Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.

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