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DEC Evaluations

The USAID evaluation policy "sets ambitious standards for the quality and transparency of evaluation to demonstrate results, generate evidence to inform decisions, promote learning and ensure accountability."  The  Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC), USAID's online document archive, provides access to USAID funded evaluation reports.   The mobile app improves access to USAID funded evaluation reports by providing a mobile solution for accessing a subset of DEC documents (recent evaluations). 

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Portfolio Map

The Portfolio Map is a mobile app for accessing information about the development work USAID is performing every day.  The app will give mobile device users the ability to browse our portfolio for a subset of the countries in which USAID is working.   The app will provide general country overviews at a glance and also will allow users to access more detailed information as needed. 

Available on the iPhone App Store


Family Choices

Title screen of Family Choices mobile game

Family Choices aims to enhance the perception of a girl’s place in and value to her family, with an emphasis on keeping her and her peers in school. The ‘Choose your own adventure’ game allows players to explore the outcomes of a family’s choices related to girls’ education, early marriage and family planning. Players decide whether Anu (in India) or Mercy (in Kenya) will ultimately achieve their dreams of someday becoming a financially independent nurse.

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Title screen of Nine Minutes mobile game

Players experience the adventures of nine months of pregnancy in just nine minutes. The game aims to introduce players to the key dos and don’ts of pregnancy by presenting players with a series of life choices (physical, medical and social) against the clock in a simple iconic format. The player’s choices determine the health and well-being of both the mother and baby. 

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Worm Attack!

Title screen of Worm Attack! mobile game

Worm Attack! aims to keep girls and boys healthy by defeating the dangerous worms inside their stomachs. Young players, their teachers and families work to rid themselves and their communities of infestation with intestinal worms in this fast-paced, fun game through the strategic use of deworming pills.

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