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Filipino Trafficking Survivor Rebuilds Her Life

Maria* was only 13 when she was trafficked. She now participates in group therapy in Zambales province, north of Manila, to help process her difficult experiences.

Rural Public School Teachers Accelerate Learning in the Philippines

Responding to the need to improve basic literacy among early grade students in public schools, in 2013, USAID launched its $39.7 million Basa Pilipinas, or Read Philippines, program in partnership with the Philippine Department of Education. The program is designed to train first to third grade teachers how to teach reading more effectively.

Filipino Farmers Triumph Over Drought

Situated on the Philippines’ eastern coast, the Bicol region experiences typhoons, flash floods, strong winds, thunderstorms and droughts. Now occurring more frequently and with greater intensity, these hazards are seriously disrupting lives.

Achieving Dreams and Changing Perceptions: A Young Woman’s Journey to a Brighter Future

July 2016—Halima Sahim, a 22-year-old native of Lamitan City, Basilan, in Mindanao, used to live without much hope for her future. The third of five siblings, she had to stay home to look after her younger brother and sister instead of finishing her education.

Filipino Youth Connects Communities to Promote Peace

Mindanao, located in the southernmost region of the Philippines, is rich in natural resources, but decades of internal conflict have left local governments unable to provide adequate services to the people, resulting in poor health, high illiteracy, and widespread poverty.