Statement by U.S. Agency for International Development Administrator Mark Green Congratulates Juan Guaidó on his Re-Election as President of the Venezuelan National Assembly

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Monday, January 6, 2020
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On behalf of the United States Agency for International Development, I extend my congratulations to Interim President Guaidó upon his re-election as President of the National Assembly, the only legitimate and democratically elected government institution in Venezuela. This re-election is a testament to the bravery and sacrifice of the people of Venezuela, Interim President Guaidó, and members of the National Assembly, in the face of the illegitimate Maduro regime's unrelenting deployment of bribes, blackmail, threats, and persecution to undermine the democratic process and attempt to deny Venezuelans their right to vote. In spite of continual harassment, the National Assembly remains a beacon of hope for all Venezuelans, and we salute the parliamentarians for their steadfast commitment to democracy.

The United States remains unwavering in its commitment to the people of Venezuela, Interim President Guaidó, and the National Assembly as they fight for the full return of citizen-responsive democracy and the rule of law through free and fair elections. This is the only way to re-establish the peace and prosperity the people of Venezuela so rightly deserve.

Nicolás Maduro demonstrated that he will go to great lengths to stop the progress of Venezuela's democratic forces led by Interim President Juan Guaidó. Despite Maduro's shameless attempt to subvert democracy by physically blocking Interim President Guaidó and other members of the National Assembly from voting, the Venezulean National Assembly stood firm. I salute the members of the National Assembly for their tenacity, which they demonstrated by convening in a different place and carrying out their constitutionally mandated duties in defiance of Maduro's threats.