USAID Administrator Mark Green's Meeting with Colombian President Iván Duque

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Friday, February 15, 2019
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The following is attributable to Acting Spokesperson Tom Babington:

Yesterday, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Mark Green met with Colombian President Iván Duque at the Blair House in Washington, D.C. Administrator Green and President Duque discussed the importance of further collaboration on security and prosperity initiatives for the people of Colombia to combat violence, counter narcotics cultivation & trafficking, and help to provide alternative livelihoods.

Their discussion substantially focused on the urgent need to deliver life-saving humanitarian assistance to the people of Venezuela at the scale desperately-needed, which is currently being stopped by one man: Nicolas Maduro.

At Interim President Guaidó's request, the U.S. Government has worked with the Colombian Government and the rest of the international community to pre-position humanitarian aid so that it is available as soon as it can be safely and responsibly delivered to the Venezuelan people who are in dire need. These critical relief supplies include ready-to-use supplemental food for moderately malnourished infants; medical supplies; hygiene kits; high-protein and high-energy nutritional supplements; and locally purchased food.

Administrator Green and President Duque also discussed USAID partnerships with the Government of Colombia and the private sector to support rural development and licit economic opportunities that promote a sustainable, inclusive peace.