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Water & Neglected Tropical Diseases
March/April 2013

Water & Neglected Tropical Diseases

  • Can Water Meters Ease Kenya's Supply Woes?

  • Drug-Shoe Combination Aims to Stomp Out Haiti’s Neglected Diseases

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Children experience clean water running through their hands.
Delivering Safe Water to Save Lives

Water is essential for life. Humans need water to drink, to bathe and to grow food. However, more than 780 million people—about two and a half times the population of the United States—lack access to safe drinking water, and 2.5 billion people lack access to sanitation worldwide. 

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Students prepare to take part in a mapping survey at Pav Primary School in Rattanakiri.
Wiping Snail Fever Off Cambodia's Map - by Drawing It On

WIth USAID support, Cambodia is enlisting many – including school children – on a mission to wipe out the infection that can lead to debilitating illness, malnutrition and cognitive difficulties.