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Country Development Cooperation Strategy

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USAID will support Moldova’s ambitious reform process by strengthening democratic institutions and processes while at the same time helping to create an environment favorable for the increased investment and trade required for job creation and growth. This strategy will seek to increase transparency and accountability as key drivers in strengthening democracy and unlocking the country’s potential for economic growth. These improvements will lead to improved living standards for all Moldovans and demonstrate to citizens the benefits of continued reforms. USAID assistance will at the same time help Moldova to become more integrated with the rest of Europe, both politically and economically. In this way, Moldova will benefit both from the immediate gains of a stronger democracy and a growing economy, both of which strengthen the country’s candidacy for European Union association and eventual membership. All USAID programs will be developed and implemented taking into consideration a cross-cutting civil society development approach in order to ensure that USAID’s activities engage citizens as stakeholders in the reform process and provide them with tools to fight against corruption. Activities will also ensure that women and men have equal access to opportunities for participation and that gender disparities are targeted for elimination. While graduation from U.S. assistance is beyond the timeline of this strategy, USAID will also begin to strengthen the government of Moldova’s own host country systems to respond to development challenges, such that USAID assistance plays a transformative role.

Extended through: December 31, 2020