• USAID promotes STEAM education in Moldova to contribute to the workforce development of tomorrow.

  • USAID helps Moldovan farmers diversify export markets making higher profits and contributing to developing rural communities.

  • Media education on wheels: USAID encourages citizens of Moldova to use critical thinking and multiple sources to stay informed and avoid manipulation.

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In support of Moldova’s democratic and free-market reforms, USAID projects work to strengthen economic growth and democratic governance.

USAID is partnering with the public and private sectors in Moldova to achieve broad-based economic growth, reduce poverty and strengthen the market economy. By working with clusters of industries, including micro-enterprises in high-value agriculture, USAID is helping increase the private sector’s competitiveness in regional markets. USAID also supports regulatory and legal reforms to improve the business environment.

To assist with Moldova’s political transition, USAID is promoting good governance and strong democratic practices. Projects include building the capacity of local governments to improve public accountability and service delivery. In addition, programs support judicial institutions and civil society to strengthen the rule of law, fight corruption, and civic engagement. USAID also works with political parties and electoral bodies to enhance transparency and citizen representation in the political process. 

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American Embassy/Moldova
57/1, Banulescu-Bodoni Street
ASITO Building, 5th Floor

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