Finding Solutions To The Most Pressing Issues For Migrants During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Friday, December 18, 2020

Experts and journalists discussed the most pressing issues that migrants raised during online consultations organized by the Resource Center for the Elderly with support from USAID. More than 500 people received professional consultations on renewal of registration, air travel, replacement of passports and other issues. Results of this project were discussed during a special press café devoted to the International Migrants Day.

Migrants found themselves in an especially vulnerable position due to the border closures and economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. USAID’s Safe Migration in Central Asia project in cooperation with the Resource Center for the Elderly Public Association organized online consultations for migrant workers from Kyrgyzstan. From August through November 2020, migrants could get advice on legal matters and psychological support through social media free of charge.

In four months, nearly 500 people contacted experts of the Resource Center for the Elderly online. Majority of them were based in Kyrgyzstan and 62% were women. In terms of age breakdown, 62% were in the 24-35 age group. The most frequently asked questions were related to renewal of registration on the territory of the Russian Federation, passport replacement, air travel and the possibility of returning to Russia to continue working.

These consultations helped many Kyrgyzstanis save their time and money. One of them is Bakyt (name changed) from Osh. He was planning to go to Bishkek and fly to Moscow to seek a job. Prior to his travel, he contacted the project lawyers via Instagram (@salammigrantkg) with a request to check if he was in Russia’s “black list” for migrants. The lawyers confirmed that he was in the list and would be deported back to the Kyrgyz Republic immediately.

The online consultations were conducted through Facebook, Instagram and a Telegram chat-bot which provides answers to frequently asked questions on migration in both Kyrgyz and Russian languages.


The USAID-funded Safe Migration in Central Asia project is being implemented by Winrock International in five Central Asian countries. It is a five-year project that uses evidence-based practices and cross-border connections to strengthen the mutual accountability and effectiveness of governments, NGOs, and the private sector to prevent trafficking-in-persons, protect survivors, and promote safe migration. The project works in close cooperation with local governments, civil society, and private sector to improve migration practices and prevent exploitation. More information is available on USAID Central Asia’s website.

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