Speeches Shim

Duration: September 2010 – 2014

Amount: $4,432,873

Implementing Partner: Tetra Tech Inc.

The three-year USAID Regional Energy, Security and Trade Project (RESET) provides assistance to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in the implementation of its Energy Security and Efficiency policy agenda.  This includes the promotion of energy sector reforms that will have the greatest impact on maintaining reliable electricity service in the Kyrgyz Republic, assuring secure supply in winter and dry years and in developing a regional energy market that would make the development of the country’s vast hydropower resources feasible and profitable.  RESET is also focusing on developing the human and institutional capacity of the sector to implement the Government’s policy objectives for reduction of corruption and the increase of efficiency in the energy sector.  RESET will deliver the majority of its reform implementation activities through advisory services to the energy companies and the Ministry of Energy and Economy.

RESETS’s Program Activities Focus on:

  • Addressing investments in power generation capacity and management of hydroelectricity facilities and their reservoirs and water resources.
  • Developing market-based approaches to reducing winter supply deficits to ensure sustainable supply for both domestic and export markets. 
  • Strengthening the capacity of the national electricity transmission system operator and other key national counterparts to improve resource management, projections, strategic planning and to strengthen and harmonize the legal, regulatory and technical arrangements for electricity trading in order to both expand power trade and protect the interests of consumers.
  • Increase the electricity sector’s financial viability and sustainability by reducing commercial and technical losses.
  • Providing coordinated support for the Kyrgyz Republic’s participation in export markets.
  • Supporting passage and implementation of a new Electricity Law.
  • Assisting in strengthening the legal and regulatory framework to encourage greater investment in the sector and its growth.