Further Improvement in the Labor Sector

Speeches Shim

Duration: 2013 - 2014

Implementing Partner: American Center for International Labor Solidarity

Budget: $750,000

Key Partners: labor unions, NGOs

USAID supports the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (i.e. the Solidarity Center) which through its seven year presence in Kyrgyzstan has accumulated unique knowledge and experience in promoting democratic change through the fundamental rights of the workforce by modernizing trade unions.

USAID supports civic participation by strengthening the ability of trade unions, civil society groups, and social partners to engage in policy debates and social dialogue.

The objective of the project is to protect workers’ rights and to promote international standards through support to vibrant, independent and democratic labor unions and NGOs that promote labor rights, labor justice, and workers' participation and representation of their interests in local and national arena.

The activities are focused on the priority themes as have been identified by the Kyrgyz government officials, leaders of the social partners and their experts. The rich record of fruitful professional cooperation and personal relations of mutual trust and respect with many key people in the Parliament, Government, unions, employers and academia are considered as an additional important asset for the successful implementation of the project.