Conflict Mitigation through Targeted Analysis and Community Action in the Kyrgyz Republic (COMTACA)

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Implementer: ACTED

Duration: 2012 – 2014

The Conflict Mitigation through Targeted Analysis and Community Action in the Kyrgyz Republic (COMTACA) Program is a two year USAID-funded project. The goal of the program is to minimize the risk of instability through informed public policy and early warning analysis for citizen protection.  This is accomplished by:


  • Supporting actionable analysis on conflict and instability trends
  • Supporting informal and formal community leadership for conflict mitigation through the creation of Early Warning Networks to analyze and resolve potential conflicts, mediate disputes, and contribute to peace building activities
  • Developing the REACH Initiative Conflict Early Warning web-based mapping tool as an early warning system for identifying vectors of potential conflict and disputes
  • Improving the capacity of national institutions such as the Presidential Administration, ministries, and the Parliament, as well as that of local leaders, to identify key concerns and enhance policy-making with data and analysis on conflict trends.     

COMTACA builds on existing partnerships and institutions to support conflict analysis by mobilizing community leaders, community-based organizations, civil society, youth, religious, and non-traditional leaders into Early Warning Networks. These networks integrate with other civil society groups and receive training and capacity building support to collect information on conflict related issues, use and understand early warning systems, media and resolve disputes, and to apply mobile technologies to these activities.
COMTACA also builds on previous USAID/OTI-supported activities on data collection on conflict trends and their evolution in the southern Kyrgyz Republic, reflected in interactive socioeconomic mapping. Additionally, COMTACA convenes a national-level Early Warning Network, with the participation of the Presidential Administration, Parliament, and ministries, to develop appropriate policy responses to conflict in the future.

The REACH map is available in English at: and in Russian at:



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  • The Mousetrap (documentary about school racketeering in Kyrgyzstan in Kyrgyz language with Russian subtitles)