Encouraging Youth Participation in Elections in Jordan

Speeches Shim

Monday, September 28, 2020
“I wanted to make my voice heard, and let people know that we, as youth, are capable of creating change. Ana Usharek was my gateway towards achieving this,” says Malak.

Meet Malak! A graduate of Al-Zaytooneh University, she took trainings in data visualization, infographics, social media planning, election law, and electoral processes through the USAID-funded Ana Usharek program, implemented by the National Democratic Institute. Now, she is using what she learned to design posters, flyers, and videos to raise awareness about elections.

Malak is one of over 3,500 youth to take part in trainings this year to encourage youth participation in the electoral process, conducted with USAID support in partnership with the Independent Election Commission, Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, All Jordan Youth Commission, and Al-Hayat Center.