Youth-Led Projects to Rebuild Community Trust

Speeches Shim

Tuesday, January 12, 2021
Hala from Bashiqa paints a wall in the newly-renovated sports center in her hometown of Bashiqa. The renovation project was made possible through USAID's Shared Future program
Catholic Relief Services for USAID

In December 2020, young people from across Ninewa Plains virtually celebrated the successful completion of their community projects by sharing their creations with community leaders and other project teams participating in the USAID-funded Shared Future social cohesion program.

“We were so excited to present what we long worked on and to hear the community leaders’ opinions,” said Hala who worked on a project that renovated Bashiqa’s sports center. “We’re thankful for this life-changing journey. We’re thankful for Shared Future.”

The community leaders were unanimous in their praise for the work accomplished by the young people and their commitment to making their communities a better place for everyone.  “The initiatives were quite successful in my opinion, as they met the diversified community needs, the positive results were strongly present, and the initiatives served their purposes well” said Mr. Husam, a community leader in Tel Kayf. 

Shared Future supports young people who have returned from years of displacement to find jobs and re-build trust among diverse ethnic and religious groups in the Ninewa Plains of Iraq.