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USAID provides important support to the people and government of Iraq. USAID’s efforts focus on five goals:

1) Assisting Iraqis affected by conflict, including those displaced by violence, providing life-saving aid, including safe drinking water, food and medical services, through the USAID offices of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance and Food for Peace;

2) Helping Iraq stabilize communities newly liberated from Da’esh occupation through rehabilitating such basic services as water, electricity, health and education, and by providing temporary employment and small-business grants;

3) Supporting Iraqi efforts to decentralize decision making and basic services, so provincial governments have the authority and resources to respond effectively to public needs;

4) Increasing government openness, efficiency and effectiveness through improved public financial management and financial oversight;

5) Promoting economic reform, improving the business environment and moving Iraq towards a diversified market economy.