Guidance for Standalone Project Websites

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We are excited that you want to build an external website. It is important that everyone at USAID helps to explain to the world what we do. And, like everyone at USAID, we have a system and guidelines set up that will help guide you and make this as easy as possible.

Stand-alone websites at USAID fall into two general categories:

  • Web sites financed under USAID acquisition instruments
  • Web sites financed under USAID assistance instruments

If you are creating a website that is produced under an acquisition instrument to achieve project implementation goals, all the information you need is found here.

Those building web sites produced under USAID-financed assistance instruments (grants and cooperative agreements) will find guidance here.

USAID stand-alone project sites must be approved by the USAID Website Governance Board prior to site development. The primary purpose to have a stand alone site is to meet the operational objective of a USAID-funded project. Web sites targeted to the U.S. public should be integrated into