Infographic - Trafficking in Persons Certification and Compliance Plan

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Certification Regarding Trafficking in Persons, Implementing Title XVII of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013.

A certification regarding Trafficking in Persons must be completed prior to receiving an award if the estimated value of services required under the award outside the United States exceeds $500,000. This certificate must also be submitted annually to the Agreement Officer during the term of the award.

  • Applies to the applicant & recipient
  • Applies to employee, contractor, subwardee, or agent
  • The applicant/recipient must implement procedures to prevent any activities described in section (a) of the Mandatory Provision “Trafficking in Persons”
  • The applicant/recipient must monitor, detect, and terminate any contractor, subawardee, employee or agent engaged in Trafficking in Persons

The applicant/recipient must implement a compliance plan to prevent the activities described in section (a) of the Mandatory Provision “Trafficking in Persons”.

  • An awareness program for employees
  • A reporting process for employees
  • A recruitment and wage plan
  • A housing plan with safety standard
  • Procedures to prevent from engaging in trafficking in persons

If the Recipient receives any credible information regarding a violation, the recipient must immediately notify the cognizant Agreement Officer and the USAID Office of Inspector General at; and must fully cooperate with any Federal agencies responsible for audits.


  • ADS 303 maa - Mandatory Standard Provisions for U.S Nongovernmental Orga- nizations
  • ADS 303 mab - Mandatory Standard Provisions for Non-U.S Nongovernmental Organizations
  • ADS 303 mat - Mandatory Standard Provisions for Fixed Obligation Grants to Nongovernmental Recipients
  • ADS 303 mav – Certifications, Assurances, Other Statements of the Recipient and Solicitation Standard Provisions
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