Implementing Partner Notice - Accounting, Audit, and Records

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November 27, 2017

To: All USAID/lndia Implementing Partners
From: Armando Espinosa, Deputy Director, ROAA/USAID India
Subjects: Latest update to the mandatory Standard Provision, "ACCOUNTING, AUDIT, AND RECORDS"

This notice is to inform you about the latest revision in the Standard Provisions of the award for Non-U.S. Nongovernmental Organizations that is a mandate in administering an award. The revision is to update the Standard Provision, “ACCOUNTING, AUDIT, AND RECORDS” to conform to the increased audit threshold of $750,000 or more for foreign nonprofit organizations, host governments, and subrecipients, established in ADS Chapter 591, Financial Audits of USAID Contractors, Recipients, and Host Country Entities.

The aforementioned update in the Standard Provisions of your Cooperative Agreement will be in effect after you provide a signed acknowledgment for FY 2018. However, this change will be reflected in any subsequent modification issued to your Cooperative Agreement. 

Please be advised that this notice is provided with the understanding that besides the above stated change in Standard Provisions, all terms and conditions of the Cooperative Agreement remain unchanged. Should you have any questions or clarifications please feel free to contact your designated ROAA Portfolio Managers.

Issuing Country 
Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 10:45pm