Infographic: System for Award Management (SAM)

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System for Award Management (SAM)


SAM is a searchable database into which a firm or organization must provide information required for the conduct of business with the U.S.G.

SAM provides USAID a comprehensive list of firms and organizations that are NOT eligible to receive U.S.G. funds.

In addition, prime contractors and recipients are responsible for using SAM to check vendors, subcontractors and subawardees prior to contracting for services or making any subawards or purchases to ensure that the firm/organization is eligible.


All firms and organizations that want to do business with the U.S.G. (contracts and grants) must register in SAM.

Registration in SAM is not required, at the prime award or subaward level, to:

  1. Awards to individuals
  2. Awards less than $25,000 to foreign recipients to be performed outside the United States (based on a USAID determination)
  3. Awards where the AO determines, in writing, that these requirements would cause personal safety concerns.


Firms and organizations must register with SAM prior to submitting an application or proposal.

Prime contractors and recipients must check SAM before purchasing goods and services or hiring staff and consultants.

Firms and organizations also must maintain the currency of its information in SAM. It must review and update the information at least annually after the initial registration.


Organizations and businesses can register for free at:

The Federal Service Desk is the free help desk for users of SAM:


Registering and checking SAM guarantees that ineligible suppliers, organizations and individuals that have been formally excluded, blocked or disbarred do not receive U.S.G. funds.

This ensures that material support or resources are not provided to persons or organizations involved in terrorism.

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Developed by USAID/India’s Regional Financial Management Office and Regional Office of Acquisition and Assistance and the Central and South Asia Acquisition and Assistance Innovation Lab in support of Local Capacity Building.

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