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USAID is working with Ghanaians to improve health, agriculture, and trade
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Agriculture and Food Security

Agricultural growth is the major driver of poverty reduction, especially in northern Ghana, an area characterized by high poverty and malnutrition – and one historically left out of the rest of the country’s growth and development plans. Ghana is a focus country for Feed the Future and the initiative is contributing to the government’s commitment to food security, building on a common purpose shared among civil society, the private sector, and development partners.

Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

In an effort to enhance Ghana's democratic governance systems, USAID's Democracy, Rights and Governance programs support improved local government, increased accountability to citizens, free and fair elections, and strengthened human rights.

Economic Growth and Trade

While reliance on oil and cocoa markets, public sector spending, debt financing, and power shortages have posed challenges to Ghana’s economic growth in recent years, USAID programs work to lessen the severity of struggling macroeconomic factors to enhance the competitiveness of firms across markets. 


USAID/Ghana’s Education Development Objective is "Improved Reading Performance in Primary School."  Through our USAID/Ghana Partnership for Education Project, our goal is to improve reading proficiency for at least two million Ghanaian children upon primary school completion.  

Global Health

Our integrated health program focuses on three regions of Ghana—Greater Accra, Central Region, and Western Region—which are home to more than a third of the national population. In these regions, USAID supports a combination of activities to improve the health behaviors of families and communities, the quality of health services, and the overall health systems.


We are increasing the availability and quality of water, improving sanitation, and increasing community capacity in using and maintaining water and sanitation facilities.