Early Grade Learning

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This government-to-government activity focuses on early grade learning in support of the implementation of the Egyptian Ministry of Education’s reform agenda. It builds on previous USAID programming to ensure that Egyptian students are able to learn the fundamental core skills of reading, comprehension, writing, mathematics, and English language by grade 3, at the end of their early primary school experience. This activity also provides remedial learning for students in grades 4-9 who have difficulties reading at their grade level. More than 300,000 teaching manuals are being distributed, including scripted lesson plans for teachers. Overall, the activity will reach over 150,000 teachers and 7.2 million children in grades 1-9 in 17,000 schools nationwide. Through this activity, the Ministry of Education is strengthening its ability to provide demand-driven early grade teacher training and to implement decentralized planning and budgeting based on local needs and opportunities.

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Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 8:45am