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Partnership and Business Opportunities

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Thank you for your interest in partnership opportunities with USAID/Burma. 

For general USAID opportunities, visit our Agency’s central “Work with USAID” page: https://www.usaid.gov/work-usaid

You can view global grant and contract opportunities here: https://www.usaid.gov/work-usaid/get-grant-or-contract/opportunities-funding

RFP 001/2019 - Writer and Editor Services for USAID/Burma

The Writer/Editor will assist the USAID’s Senior Development Outreach Communications Specialist (SDOCS), in the full range of public information and outreach activities to support USAID/Burma’s programs and objectives. The Development Outreach Communications (DOC) Team disseminates information to audiences in Burma, regionally, and the U.S., in accordance with the Mission's strategy and evolving circumstances. 

RFP 002/2019 - Photography services for USAID/Burma

This order is for photography services to the USAID/Burma DOC unit. Contact persons for procuring this service are Senior DOC specialist Robin Johnson and DOC specialist Aung Thura Ko Ko, USAID/PDO/DOC. USAID/Burma seeks the services of a professional photographer, or photography firm, with expertise in a wide variety of situations including non-studio field shoots, training and mentoring. 

RFP 003/2019 - Graphic Design and Printing Services for USAID/Burma

This order is for graphic design and printing services for the USAID/Burma DOC Team. See the Deliverables section for details. The contact persons for procuring these services are: Aung Thura Ko Ko, USAID/Burma’s Development Outreach Communications specialist and Robin Johnson, USAID/Burma’s Senior Development Outreach Communications specialist.